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Mental fortitude, emotional health, life strategies.

Challenge. Redefine. Build.

As humans we have the ability to change, grow and redefine ourselves constantly. Together, we will work on your goals, challenge your current habits and develop tools that will assist in your success. 

Jess + guide Emma competing

Paralympian, coach, dog lover.

I'm Jess! I am a mental health therapist, four-time Paralympian, and Mental Performance Strategist, with a love for both dogs and humans.
I lost my sight when I was just 3 years old which allowed me to “see” the world from a different perspective. Through my work with guide dogs, I have developed deep bonds and connection with canines and I have learned to use these to assist me in my work as a therapist and Mental Performance Strategist.
Jess and guide Emma, competing


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“Be kind to yourself. It’s the only one you’ve got.”

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