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Past & Present clients

Past and present client testimonials.
Take a look at how my services can benefit you, no matter what stage you're at in your life.

Cute white dog

"Jess and Brandy! My time with you two has been the best healing I could have ever asked for. Thank-you so much for the walk, talks, kindness, and dog sparkles."

- Firefighter

"Jess, I am so lucky to have had you as my PT. Simply put, you have changed my life. Thank you for teaching me that it's normal and okay to feel all of my emotions. Thank you for caring so deeply for me. I owe so much of my growth to you (and Brandy of course). You have helped me see my worth and that I am deserving of a beautiful life. I can't say thank you enough, Jess. I hope our paths cross in the future. I know that thanks to you, I'm going to be okay. Lots of love!"

Woman hugging a puppy

- Mom of two

Swimmer in a pool

"Working with Jessica over the last few years has been truly transformative for me. She listens and understands my headspace, ways of thinking and ways in which I work through challenges with an incredible amount of care, gentleness and selflessness. She then uses the perfect amount of honesty, care, and straightforwardness to push me to expand my thinking, challenge my thinking, and to be kind and honest with myself. I have grown in my ability to handle high stress situations, to handle hard conversations within relationships, and in my ability to handle challenges as a student and athlete. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work to bring the best out of themself in work, sport or relationship of any kind. "

- National team athlete

As an athlete, having the right team and support can make or break, as an adaptive athlete this is exponentially more true. The guidance and expertise Jessica provides paired with her personal insight as an adaptive athlete herself is invaluable. With Jessica’s help I was able to make measurable improvements in my pursuits as a competitive adaptive rower. Being a blind athlete with a coach who personally understands your needs, adapts accordingly and advocates for all aspects of being an athlete with a disability, I was able to further develop my own skills and understandings in these areas which I had previously navigated aimlessly with other coaches. I am truly grateful for the time and efforts Jessica invested in me as an athlete.

Rower with a dog in the boat

- National team athlete

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