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Hi, I'm Jess!

Paralympian, mental health therapist, puppy enthusiast.


I love many things in this beautiful world and two of them are helping people, and dogs. I want to make a difference in this world and create sustainable change. 

Through my many experiences and certifications, I have gained skills and knowledge in Clinical frameworks, evidence-based practices, Trauma Informed Care, proficiency in Performance-Based skills and, most importantly, individualized approaches to help people reach their goals. 

As a mental health therapist, I offer a safety-first, personalized variety of services. Ensuring my clients feel supported, guided and positively challenged equally is a fundamental value in my practice.

With my background in social work, psychology and facilitation, I bring a gentle approach to the world of mental performance. With my experience as an athlete, I approach everything as a new challenge and believe in holistic strategies in order to achieve success.

Paralympian Jessica Tuomela posing for the Commonwealth games.


Jessica and her guide, Emma, on a tandem bike.

Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California
Diploma in Performance Psychology from the University of Edinburgh
Prime Therapist at Homewood Ravensview
Trained in Trauma Informed Care
Trained in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
Trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
Trained in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT),(emphasis on behavioural activation)
Four time Paralympian in 2 different sports
Experience training and handling working dogs since 2002
Founder of True North Canine

Jessica and Emma during a para triathlon

Areas of focus

Success and Balance: find purpose and meaning
Find your “why” and improve your quality of life

Establish healthy patterns to turn them into behaviours

Learn strategies for healthy eating, exercise & self care

Find your authentic self; be heard.
Learn to lead
Discover fulfillment
Identify your strengths & what motivates others
Build strategies for your personal & professional life

Jessica + guide Emma competing.JPG

Outstanding achievements

2022 Commonwealth games bronze medalist in paratriathlon

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic triathlete

​Paralympic silver medalist in swimming

Three time Paralympian in swimming 

7x Parapanam medalist 🏅

Triathlete of the year in 2021 in Ontario 

5th at the Tokyo Paralympic Games

Bronze medal at 2019 World champions

Jessica + guide Emma after competing.JPG

Working with me


Find purpose and meaning. Whether it’s in your personal life or your career, knowing what your “why” is will improve your quality of life.


Establish healthy patterns to turn them into behaviours. Learn strategies for healthy eating, and exercise. Create space for self-care and learn how to apply it.


Find your authentic self; be heard.
Discover fulfillment through social, mental, physical, spiritual, practical and emotional wellness.


Identify your strengths as a leader and build qualities that inspire and motivate others. Build strategies for resolving personal conflicts within workplace settings.

Who can benefit from these services?

Athletes in a variety of sports/performance levels; soccer moms; people experiencing or wanting to experience change and life transitions; musicians; executives; First Responders; people in recovery;  medical professionals.

*Mental Performance is not a replacement for Mental Health Therapy.

I am the founder of true north canine the first Canadian business to utilize sent discriminant trailing canines! Take a look!

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