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Group Hug

Groups & Workshops

A combination of lecture-style learning, experiential learning and facilitated discussions.

Benefits of workshops

Optimizing team culture
Education: learning evidence-based mental skills
Increase productivity
Promote a culture of growth & development
Facilitate significant and/or challenging discussions

Support Group Circle
Group with hands up

We'll focus on

Distress tolerance & stress reduction

Goal setting

Behaviour activation

Coping strategies
Anxiety management

Moral injury

Performance strategies
Perfectionism/managing expectations

Returning from injury
High performing strategies


Personalized group session to align mental performance with goals, increase productivity, and to bond and develop as a group.


Any teams, departments or groups looking to develop professionally and personally while increasing their productivity and skillset.


Invigorate your team and promote a healthy work-life balance when choosing Mental Performance Workshops.


Over video conference or me and my guide dog Bee will come to you!


Sessions start at $500

 *packages and payment plans available

"Good teams become great ones when the members trust enough to sacrifice the ‘me” for the ‘we’ "
-Phil Jackson

How it works:

Book a free 30 minute consult

We'll  meet to discuss your goals &  see if we're a good fit

If  we'd both like to proceed we'll  discuss the next steps!

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