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Dog giving a high five to a trainer

Animal Assisted Therapy

Personalized, client-focused sessions

Conditions AAT can help with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Emotional regulation
Depression & Anxiety
Boundaries, communication & healthy relationships
Memory Loss I.E., Dementia
Trauma response (PTSD)

Self-harm, suicidal ideation
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
& more


Assisting with many different conditions, Animal Assisted Therapy is a comforting and supportive way to go about your therapeutic journey.

With Jessica’s 20+ years of experience working with service animals you can be confident that you are in good hands and paws. As a goal directed therapy, the areas of focus are: emotional, social and cognitive.

Our dogs that meet specific criteria will work closely with the individuals looking to pursue this therapeutic intervention.

*Disclaimer: (animals assisted therapy is a mental health therapeutic intervention) 

“Dogs do speak. But only to those who will listen.”
- Orhan Pamuk


Work with our canines to remove barriers and enable open communication to support your needs.


Children & adults with any of the aforementioned conditions. Those looking for a goal directed therapeutic intervention.


Improve your emotional, social, cognitive and physical wellness. 


Animal Assisted Therapy takes place in-person, in Victoria BC. This allows for the healing relationship to form. It promotes connection between the client and the canine.


Session start at $130/hour for new clients, $115/hour for returning clients
*packages and payment plans available

Our dogs





How it works:

Book a free 30 minute consult

We'll  meet to discuss your goals &  see if we're a good fit

If  we'd both like to proceed we'll  discuss the next steps!

I am the founder of true north canine the first Canadian business to utilize sent discriminant trailing canines! Take a look!

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